Daily Current Affair Notes

 Here you are being provided quality “Notes” based on daily current events/news from “The Hindu”, “The Indian Express” as well as “Economic Times”. You will be provided  NOTES in “Question-Answer” format (acc. to the no. of important news of that day).

How it may be useful to you?
  1. Improve writing skill – As we all know that main exam is a written exam, to write answers up to the level of UPSC u need to practice a lot. Therefore, here you are being provided a platform where you can improve your writing skills by writing answers daily as well as compare them.
  2. Collection of all imp. events – We are providing you questions on daily basis thereby covering all relevant news/events so that no imp news is left untouched. At the end you will get a quality collection of all important topics.
  3. Quick revision & memorize – Notes of daily current affairs in question-answer format helps in quick revision as well as writing helps you remember better.
  4. Platform to meet your capabilities – These notes will sever as a test to examine your understanding and conclusive power. It will enable you to face any kind of question that will be asked either in prelims or mains from current events part.

Daily Notes – Social IssuesIndian CultureEnvironmental IssuesBills/Schemes/AmendmentsEconomyPolityHistoryGeographySci-TechBilateral(Indian and the world).


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