“The ultimate aim of any anti-corruption mechanism is to contribute towards improvement of the processes of governance and delivery of services. This can happen only when we encourage bold and innovative decision-making.” comment.

Proper Governance is the wheel in which the vehicle called Democracy can sustain. In the past few years there has been witnessed a very vigorous public debate on matters relating to corruption, with accusations flying thick and fast.

As correctly identified by “Santhanam Committee” the four major causes:

1. Administrative delays.

2. Government taking upon itself more than what it could manage by way of regulatory functions.

3. Scope for personal discretion in exercise of powers vested in government servants.

4. Cumbersome procedures in dealing with matters of importance to citizens in their daily affairs.

Therefore, there is a need to contribute towards improvement of the processes of governance and delivery of services, which is the ultimate aim of anti-corruption mechanism.

Though some of the positive measures have been implemented, for instance- recently, Supreme Court ordered to set up CIvil Services Boards (CSBs) by union/state governments for monitoring issues related to civil servants’ transfer, promotions etc., yet there is a need of encouragement of bold and innovative decision-making.

The Prevention of Corruption(Amendment) Bill, The whistle-blowers protection bill, the Public Procurement Bill, Time bound delivery of goods and services bills etc., are some of the proposed bills. The recent proposal of Jan Lokpal bill in which even the PM, in certain cases,as well as the CBI being under its perview is a bold and innovative step.

The watchdog authoritie- anti-corruption institutions like CVC, Lokpal, Lokayukta, CBI etc. are the tools of improvement in governance and delivery of services. They have been highly successful in carving out corruption and bringing into public domain. Commonwealth game scandal, 2G scam, Coal block allocation irregularities etc. are few bold examples.

Therefore, rather than proposal, its the implementation along with a mixture of boldness that will completely terminate corruption in India. One can thus conclude that ultimate aim of anti-corruption mechanism will be realized only in a conducive atmosphere to make bold and innovative decisions.


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