1. Indian Polity 4th Edition – M. Laxmikant

2. Introduction to the Constitution of India – D D Basu (only for articles)

Two books are sufficient to cover the static part of the syllabus (prelim+mains).  No need to make notes of laxmikant as it is already given in note format but the sequence of the given chapters can be altered to make them comprehensive and more convenient to memorize. Chapters may be followed in the given sequence:

1. Cover all chapters given in the “Part I” i.e. Constitutional Framework, to know the base of our constitution.

2. Then start with chapters President => Vice-President => Governor => Emergency provisions…

3. Directly move to Prime minister => Cabinet => CM => state council of Ministers.

4. Now read Parliamentary system => Parliament => CAG

5. Then move to State legislative assembly

6. Same way Supreme Court and then High court, tribunals.

7. Attorney Gen =>Advocate General

8. UPSC  =>State PSC

9. Finance Commission =>Planning Commission=>Nat.Development council

10. Now Centre State and Interstate relations.

11. Election Commission=> chapter on election, Anti-defection

12. All the National Commissions on Women, SC, ST,OBC, CVC, Lokpal and so on.


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